The life of julius caesar the leader of the roman empire

The fact that he wrote so well about his own life, particularly in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico, a history of the Gallic Wars, has meant that his story was easily passed on in his own words. But if he had not also been something more than this he would not have been the supremely great man that he undoubtedly was.

Caesar had four legions under his command, two of his provinces bordered on unconquered territory, and parts of Gaul were known to be unstable. Caesar sought out rich friends to back his ambitions As a result of his debt Caesar turned to the richest man in Rome and possibly in history by some accountsMarcus Licinius Crassus.

Caesar tried to make peace with Pompey, but civil war was inevitable. Crassus paid some of Caesar's debts and acted as guarantor for others, in return for political support in his opposition to the interests of Pompey.

Julius Caesar (100BC - 44BC)

Whoever had been consul in this critical year would have had to initiate such legislation, whatever his personal political predilections. Its effects were confined to the western end of the Old World and were comparatively short-lived by Chinese or ancient Egyptian standards.

List of Roman emperors

Caesar held both the dictatorship and the tribunatebut alternated between the consulship and the proconsulship. This addressed the underlying problem that had caused the Social War decades earlier, where persons from outside Rome or Italy did not have citizenship. Caesar quickly adopted his great nephew, Augustus.

His family were closely connected with the Marian faction in Roman politics. He had them crucified on his own authority, as he had promised while in captivity [28] —a promise that the pirates had taken as a joke.

He increased the size of the Senate and made its personnel more representative of the whole Roman citizenry. He was sent to seek naval help from King Nicomedes IV, but spent so long at court that rumours of an affair with the king started.

His coming of age coincided with a civil war between his uncle Gaius Marius and his rival Lucius Cornelius Sulla. The prolongation of the life of the Greco-Roman civilization had important historical effects. Pompey was appointed sole consul as an emergency measure, and married the daughter of a political opponent of Caesar.

His opponents saw this as the end of the Republic and the political power of the aristocracy, and a conspiracy grew. Caesar raised his ransom, raised a naval forcecaptured his captors, and had them crucified—all this as a private individual holding no public office.

Finally, he enacted a series of reforms that were meant to address several long-neglected issues, the most important of which was his reform of the calendar.

The day was July 12 or 13; the traditional and perhaps most probable year is bce; but if this date is correct, Caesar must have held each of his offices two years in advance of the legal minimum age. Caesar spent the first part of 47 b.Oct 27,  · The statesman and general Julius Caesar ( B.C.) expanded the Roman Republic through a series of battles across Europe before declaring himself dictator for life.

The biggest effect Julius Caesar had on Rome was his transform Rome from a republic to an empire. He also updated the Roman calendar, was undefeated as a general, alleviated the taxes of the working class, significantly expanded Roman territory and invented the newspaper.

He also instituted the. Julius Caesar, Life of Julius Caesar was a strong leader for the Romans who changed the course of the history of the Greco - Roman world decisively and irreversibly. (3) With his strength and courage he created a strong empire. Read the statements below about the state of the Roman Republic during Caesar's life and complete the instruction that follows.

Julius Caesar

Statement 1: Stress and pressure from managing the new territories of the Roman Empire created serious issues. A superb general and politician, Julius Caesar (c BC – 44 BC / Reigned 46 – 44 BC) changed the course of Roman history. Although he did not rule for long, he gave Rome fresh hope and a.

Julius Caesar

Roman Empire: Julius Caesar and the Roman army Learn how Julius Caesar and the Roman army created an empire. Caesar, Julius Julius Caesar, marble sculpture by Andrea di Pietro di Marco Ferrucci, he would be ruined politically and might possibly lose his life.

Caesar had to make sure that, until his entry on his second consulship, he.

The life of julius caesar the leader of the roman empire
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